Industrialized building System

A Revolutionised Solution Provider of Prefabricated Construction

What is


Industrialised Building System (IBS) is an advanced revolutionised construction technique where components are manufactured in a controlled environment, and then assembled into construction works – commonly known as prefabrication construction.

Nowadays, IBS technique can be used in building residential houses, bungalows, factories and detached space.

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Perfect for Affordable Housing

Prefabricated houses are structurally calculated and certified by architects to be versatile and rigid. IBS construction method can speed up the construction progress and greatly save cost & time

Technologically Enhanced Building Materials

Lightweight concrete is lighter than conventional concrete, it has good strength, durability, rigidity, and good thermal and sound insulation.

Why IBS is perfect in house building / renovation ?

Cost Efficient

Lesser labour and project timeline can help to reduce overall project costs – and yet produce a better performance houses.

Superior Material

Lightweight concrete is more durable, consistent, rigid in overall performance compared to conventional ones.

Faster Construction

Utilising IBS in construction require lesser labour in overall – hence the faster construction time.

Robust Structure

IBS minimise technical glitches, human errors during construction, and therefore better in aspect of quality control

Thermal Performance

IBS-built homes are enhanced to  be resistant against thermal and extreme weather such as wind and rain


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We build home with better technology

We have been developing projects across Malaysia with IBS system – typically housing projects. These projects are structurally calculated and endorsed, we guarantee a top notch standard of quality control and cost effective.

Environmental friendly and innovative construction solutions

Environmental friendly and revolutionary innovative for modern construction industry

Experienced in IBS system & Competitive price range

Lessen labour work and equipment needed, yet shorter time length and better efficiency

Our Services & Expertises in IBS

how we use technology to build better homes

Lightweight Steel Frame

With durable quality steel frames we can ensure your projects to have a consistent and reliable structure while saving time and costs.

Technologically Enhanced Building Materials

Lightweight concrete is lighter than conventional concrete. It has good strength, durability, rigidity and good thermal & sound insulation

Flexible Construction Services

Looking for other construction works? We provide various solutions that fits your needs be it residential, commercial or industrial. Contact us today!

Fibre Cement Board

We provide consultation, equipment and material supply needed for IBS. Contact us now to find out more

Construction Process Footage

Actual processes taken from working site

Assembly of Lightweight Steel Frame (1)

Assembly of Lightweight Steel Frame (2)

Assembly of Lightweight Steel Frame (3)

Transferring Constructed Frame To Site