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Assembly of Lightweight Steel Frame (1)

Assembly of Lightweight Steel Frame (2)

Assembly of Lightweight Steel Frame (3)

Transferring Constructed Frame To Site

Why IBS is perfect in house building ?

Sturdy and lightweight

Increase fire rating

Excellent vibration control

Eco-friendly and highly recyclable content

Easy installation and saves manpower

Protection against moisture, pests and rot

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how we use technology to build better homes

Lightweight Steel Frame

With durable quality steel frames we can ensure your projects to have a consistent and reliable structure while saving time and costs.

Technologically Enhanced Building Materials

Lightweight concrete is lighter than conventional concrete. It has good strength, durability, rigidity and good thermal & sound insulation

Flexible Construction Services

Looking for other construction works? We provide various solutions that fits your needs be it residential, commercial or industrial. Contact us today!

Fibre Cement Board

We provide consultation, equipment and material supply needed for IBS. Contact us now to find out more