Light Gauge Steel Frame

Light Gauge Steel Frame

Light-gauge steel weighs less than alternative building materials, such as timber or concrete frames, meaning it can be transported to site easily. It also helps to reduce the weight of the overall structure, in turn providing relative savings on foundation loads and sizes. This light and strong material makes the building process better for everyone, whether you’re an architect, contractor or developer.

Suitable for all types of types of projects including residentials and commercials. KSL (PJ) Resources’s steel frame construction is a good option for a diversity of projects for many reasons, including:


Cost of light gauge steel is stable in general. Combined with modern computer production, steel frame is proven to be much more cost effective than conventional method


Steel frames are versatile and can be used with bricks, concrete, timber and other building materials, which make design much more versatile and compatible.


Steel is not vulnerable to nature rupture and therefore is more stable when used on walls, roofs and ceilings. Protected against weather such as strong winds & vibrations.

Fire Resistant

Steel is a non-combustible material, simplifying the design of elevated of flooring, veranda, carports architectural features in bushfire-prone areas.


Steel frame is much more lightweight and stronger than conventional building materials – more importantly resistant against warp, rot, shrink, twist and mold moisture.

Easier To Build

Steel frames are lighter and stronger than conventional woods, hence it is easier to work with, which ultimately reduce construction time


Steel is not vulnerable to the formation of toxins, algae or mould that could damage health of residents, Furthermore steel does not contain hazardous chemicals, which is commonly found in conventional construction

Resistant to Weather

Steel roof structure performs in wide range of climate where temperature can varies over 40 degree Celsius. Steel adapts to cyclonic design under humid or cold climates

Why Our Light Gauge Steel Frame ?

Sturdy and lightweight

Increase fire rating

Excellent vibration control

Eco-friendly and highly recyclable content

Easy installation and saves manpower

Protection against moisture, pests and rot

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Lightweight Steel Frame

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